My home office is quiet and I prefer to keep it that way. I’m tucked away in my own room with nothing more than a computer, a desk, a chair and an endless supply of music.

There is an assumption that working from home will be more distracting, but my experience has been quite the opposite. In fact, I am so glued to my desk that it makes me concerned for my long term health! Nobody should sit as much in a day as I do, so I am trying some new locations that will alleviate the physical and mental stress of prolonged sitting.

Best Places Besides Your Home Office for Working Remotely

Co-working Space

Perhaps you need to get out and see people, preferably people with similar interests. You are in luck! Coworking spaces are the place for you–ps, we cannot vouch for the dude in the hammock on that Wikipedia entry.

Typically you can pay by the day, or monthly if you REALLY want to get away from the house. One of our local spots even offers a free day once a month, which is a great opportunity to kick the tires.

In short: great spot, make friends, bring some change.

Coffee Shop

OK, so you either love coffee or just need to be amongst the people. Your friends and family, who do not work remotely, will undoubtedly get the ‘you working at Starbucks’ image in there head, but in reality working at coffee shops is not ideal.

Local shops are great in a pinch, or if you just want to get out for a bit and have some froyo. Unfortunately, the bad music, open-mouth eating and K-Mart grade internet service often ruin the experience.

In short: at least the food is good.

Office Space

You big timer you! While you’re at it, throw on a suit. Settle down, I’m just kidding… If you find yourself having the extra dough (or a lot of distractions at home), then this is a good way to take back control of your environment.

A couple of my peers at Fullstack use this alternative. It can be quite pricey, so you may need to find a roommate who is in the same boat.

In short: big desk, room with a view, open your wallets.

Public Spaces

This is a crapshoot where the environment can vary wildly. We happen to have a nice local library which is not too bad, though there may be somebody sleeping next to you on a couch… with their shoes off.

Most places have some form of wireless nowadays. On a college campus? Sneak in to a study place. Museum? Sure why not.

In short: be creative, explore your area.

Go Outside

Don’t overlook the obvious options nearby. Maybe you are fine never seeing people, no problem. At least take advantage of the fact that you are not chained to a cubicle. Go sit in your recliner, grab a spot at the dining room table, or better yet: set up camp on the porch and get some fresh air.

In short: you don’t have to go far, or put shoes on.

Stand Up

OK, so you are not a fan of change… or people. At least stand up every once in a while. Standing at a kitchen countertop will at least get your blood circulating in your legs. If you enjoy that and want more, then build a cheap desktop shelf or buy a standing desk.

In short: sitting down is killing you, literally.

Desert Island

Dude, you’re on vacation. Put the laptop down and pick up a fruity drink.


The point here is that you should take advantage of your freedom. Unlike working in an office (specifically in a cubicle) you can pick up your stuff and move. There are all sorts of reasons that changing your workspace is great, physical and mental health being two of most important.

So start small if you have to, stand up. Need to clear your head? Pack up your laptop and drive somewhere… practically anywhere.

What’s your preference? Any other great spots that have we overlooked?

Written by Ryan Kearins